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I am an Experienced former Assistant District Attorney with a demonstrated history of working in the law enforcement industry. Strong legal professional skilled in Civil Litigation, Trial Practice, Criminal Justice, Family Law, and Mediation.

General Practice Scope                     Family Practice Scope

  • Traffic violations                          • Divorce and annulment                          

  • Wills and trusts                          • Child custody, support and visitation rights 

  • Power of attorney                        • Ancillary relief  

  • Divorce                                    • Maintenance

  • Spousal support                          • Adoption 

  • Personal injury                            • Childcare and protection

  • Child custody                             • Domestic violence

  • Leases                                      • Paternity

  • Bankruptcy                                • Prenuptial agreements

  • Estate planning                          • Surrogacy

  • Minor crimes                             • Juvenile law



Thank you for your interest. Please let me know if you are having issues with the events from 1/6/2021 or if your are being required to take the vaccine and who the organization is that is requiring it. 
If you are an attorney, please let me know what state you are licensed in and your bar number.

Granbury, Texas

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Kellye SoRelle

Licensed Texas Attorney who believes in fighting for the rights of all Americans. In November of 2020, Kellye volunteered for Lawyers for Trump and was assigned to assist in Michigan.
After the votes were counted, Kellye SoRelle jumped into action to assist the legal teams challenging the election results. Kellye SoRelle is still fighting that battle today and has teamed up with numerous former government employees and political activists to preserve the Republic. The fight is ongoing. 
Kellye SoRelle is also the general counsel for the Oath Keepers. 
--If the People will Lead, the leaders will follow.

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